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The Light of Entropy

All things have a beginning and all things are like light, the beginning stimulates creating. The Book of Changes said, "The movement of heaven is full of power." The YangQi of heaven is the origin of all things, which is called "yuan". Ancient wise man said: "yuan" is "the existence of birth and transformation". The existence of all things is the manifestation of entropy. Since there is existence, there must be evolution. Existence is an absolute motion, and it stimulates everything, the externalization of all things must give out light.

The existence of all things in the universe is the exchange of "yin and yang", which is called impermanence. However, there must be a law of limitation in this impermanence. Yin and yang are the extremities of heaven and earth. Between the two ends, there is an infinite realm. The existence of all things lies in infinity and evolves, being and not-being grow out of one another and the great form has no shape.

Light comes with color, black and white are the extremities of all colors. The white color demonstrates infinity, and the black generates beginning. Yin and yang coexist and act on each other and everything turns into black and white images, which is shown as magic light. Light is not just light, but the necessity of existence. The existence of things gives out light.

Entropy is the virtual state of evolution, evolution will generate entropy. The quality of entropy equals to the quality of evolution. Although entropy is virtual, the quality of all things is obvious and the law of the evolution of all things is existence. All existence is the light of entropy.

Budapest, 5am on October 5, 2019

Zhou Song

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